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the ultimate power source

Why do we
need Solar?

  • Over 50% of all UK electricity produced is still generated from fossil fuels - Coal, Natural Gas, Petroleum, and other gasses

  • When fossil fuels are burned, they release carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses, which in turn trap heat in our atmosphere, making them the primary contributors to global warming and climate change: source national graphic. 

  • The cost of electricity in the UK is surging

  • The future for all homes and cars is electric

  • If we do nothing, we remain dependent on the national grid and will continue to be held to ransom by the energy companies 

The benefits of going Solar

  • Reduce your electricity bill and save money

  • Reduce your carbon footprint 

  • Much lower grid dependency

  • Store your own electricity to use when you need it

  • Let Solar drive your other renewable technology choices

  • Power your entire lifestyle from the ultimate renewable power source 

  • On and Off grid solutions that, properly designed, could support your lifestyle for many years to come

What our solar and storage package looks like 

  • We bespoke design your system to support and compliment your lifestyle 

  • All system performance illustrations are prepared strictly in accordance with the Renewable Energy Consumer Code and Micro-Generation Certification Scheme methodology using MCS supplied data tables

  • We only recommend market and technology leading components

  • Increased performance by design where shading issues require micro inverter technology from TIGO

Systems and components warranted for up to 25yrs, with a life expectancy of 30-40 years!

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