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renewable, cost effective, water heating

Introducing SAHP
Solar Assisted Heat Pumps

SAHP is a UK manufacturer who have developed a highly innovative, cost effective product that works on thermodynamic principles and uses very little electricity. The system consists of an evaporator panel which is affixed to your outside wall or roof and a hot water cylinder. The panel contains a refrigerant which absorbs heat through ambient air temperature and works day and night and all year round. The system is guaranteed to provide 100% of your hot water needs.

Solar Assisted Heat Pumps range

Why Change?

  • Energy prices are rising, this option provides a much more cost effective solution
    -can be run for less than a £1 a day! If you have solar, the electricity needed can be drawn from your system, making it even cheaper!

  • Much cleaner and greener way to heat your hot water
    -making your home more environmentally friendly and will improve your homes EPC rating

  • Quiet in operation

  • Increases the life of your existing boiler

Other Options

  • Do nothing
    - but remain at the mercy of rising energy costs

  • Air sourced heat pumps
    - Can be Expensive and tricky to install: typically between £10k-£15k, you may need larger radiators
    - Numerous reports of the system not providing enough hot water, or hot enough water
    -Can be noisy, can lose efficiency below 0° 

  • Ground sourced heat pumps
    -Extremely expensive and disruptive (major groundworks) to install: typically between £24k-£49k 
    -not necessarily suitable for properties with existing gas-fired central heating

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