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infrared is the natural choice

Introducing Infrared Space Heating

The heat humans were designed for..

Infrared heating provides comfortable lasting radiant warmth that is absorbed by the skin tissues and transported around the body, in the same way we would be warmed by the sun but without the harmful UV rays. Infrared heating warms the objects in the room and not the air so there is no danger of heat loss through hot air rising.

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Why Change?

  • Conventional home heating systems create hot air that rises, causing uneven temperatures. 

  • As the air is moisture heavy, this can cause condensation, damp and mould to form

  • Significant health issues: proven to exacerbate conditions such as COPD, Asthma and Croup 

  • Inefficient method of heating due to warming the air rather than the objects, making it difficult for large rooms or conservatories to retain heat or even get warm in the first instance

  • Reduce your carbon footprint. Globally, heat accounts for nearly half of all energy consumption and 40% of energy related carbon dioxide emissions

Other Options

  • Do nothing
    - but remain at the mercy of rising energy costs

  • Air sourced heat pumps
    -Still works with a wet system so all issues associated with heating the air are still present
    -Can be expensive and tricky to install: typically between £10k-£15k, you may need larger radiators
    - Numerous reports of the system not providing enough hot water, or hot enough water
    -Can be noisy, can lo
    se efficiency below 0° 

  • Ground sourced heat pumps
    -Extremely expensive and disruptive (major groundworks) to install: typically between £24k-£49k 
    ot necessarily suitable for properties with existing gas-fired central heating

Why Infrared is the natural solution

We believe that Infrared heating is the answer to an energy efficient, greener, healthier home. 

  1. You can heat the areas that need heating and not the whole house which in turn, avoids wasting energy heating large volumes of air

  2. Retain warmth within a room without the worry of it ‘escaping’ 

  3. Reduces the incidence of condensation, eradicating the risk of damp and mould

  4. Provides a healthy living environment as you no longer have the issues associated with a wet system

  5. Provides health benefits as the thermal waves allow the natural expansion of our capillaries which in turn benefits circulation, strengthens immunity as well as alleviating joint and muscle pain.

  6. Infrared panels do not raise dust, burn oxygen or dry the air and are completely allergy free

  7. Eco friendly: They do not emit any harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide into the environment. Safe comfortable heating: Infrared is used in babies incubators

  8. Avoid wasting energy heating large volumes of air (perfect for high ceilings)

  9. Can be powered by a Solar PV system, which means that you could reduce the running cost further

  10. There are a range of aesthetically pleasing design options to suit your home, which includes panels which are also mirrors or artwork

10 key reasons why  

Our preferred supplier

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Herschel started in 2008 after experiencing the amazing warmth of radiant infrared heating and recognising this solution could have a massive part to play in the decarbonisation of heating. Since then they’ve become the UK number 1 infrared heating brand and have grown to have operations across the EU, in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and have launched in North America.  Their aim is to be the global market leader in infrared heating. Our customers share our passion and enthusiasm for Herschel heating and together we are on a mission to share its benefits and ensure our planet becomes a healthier place for future generations to enjoy.

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